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BeatsMagic 03: “AfroFunky” Produced by Mirblactunes

It’s a brand new month, a very remarkable one for us all as far as the BeatsMagic is at stake. May I use this opportunity to say a happy new month to you all and also usher in the third edition of the BeatsMagic Series.

So far so good, we have conducted two successful series and winners emerged. The winner for the first edition is Simbee Davis, her song “One In A Million” is distributed to all major digital stores and is being promoted. The second winner, Malcolm is currently in the studio recording.

This brings us to the third edition which marks the end of the first quarter as far as the BeatsMagic is concerned.

At the end of every quarter, the ultimate winner emerges amongst the three monthly winners and a grand prize will be given to the ultimate winner.

Having said all that, let’s face the BeatsMagic 03 which is titled “AfroFunky”. Produced by the beat Magician himself Mirblactunes.

It’s an upbeat instrumental suitable for all kinds of artists.

How To Participate? See Below

Download the beat here, head straight to Instagram, follow us @srs_ng. Record a freestyle video of you vibing to the beat, upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #BeatsMagicSeries. The highest performing freestyle based on views, comments, and likes and also quality will be selected by our team.

Take action now, join the BeatsMagic Series today and stand the chance of giving your career a giant leap.

Good luck…

DOWNLOAD: BeatsMagic 03: “AfroFunky” Produced by Mirblactunes

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