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BeatsMagic 04: “Reveal” Produced by Mirblactunes

Hey guys! A happy new month and welcome to yet another edition of the BeatsMagic Series. This is the fourth edition and the beginning of another quarter of the BeatsMagic Series.

An expertly created hip-hop instrumental has been dropped by our in-house music producer MirblacTunes. The instrumental is titled “Reveal”.

The third edition has been completed, and Ayo HayJay emerged as the winner of the just concluded third edition.

His Instagram freestyle performance on the Afro Funky Instrumental was commendable and our team picked him.

The winning song by AyoHayJay is titled Shade and will be released on the 10th May 2019. – Let us all anticipate it.

How To Participate? See Below

Download the beat here, head straight to Instagram, follow us @srs_ng. Record a freestyle video of you vibing to the beat, upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #BeatsMagicSeries. The highest performing freestyle based on views, comments, and likes and also quality will be selected by our team.

Take action now, join the BeatsMagic Series today and stand the chance of giving your career a giant leap.

Good luck…

DOWNLOAD: BeatsMagic 04: “Reveal” Produced by Mirblactunes


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