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Our Services

Our main focus is the commitment to the community and the provision of opportunities for talented unsigned music acts by developing their talents whilst providing prospects of refining. We also provide;

Musical Production

We provide a one-stop solution for all your music production needs providing solutions from music composition, arrangement, recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Not only that, we provide music and audio for games, jingles, films and advertising media.


Digital Distribution

We take a personalized, high-quality approach to your digital distribution. We provide individual consultation and delivery support to ensure your releases are always a priority for street date. The following breakout details our Digital Distribution Services and our commitment to doing the best job possible, for you and your project.

Our current outlets include Amazon MP3, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, YouTube, Groove, and more.


Digital Marketing

Advertising through social media is powerful because you can target your exact demographic. We can help you reach people globally based on:

Demographics: Run laser-targeted advertisements to people based on their interests and online behaviors. We can target specific ages, locations, and much more!


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